Starting to Write

Session 8: “Starting to write”

This is the last session of the course, where we’ll revisit some of the key topics from previous sessions, and get you started with the process of writing your own play. We will:

- Prepare to start writing your own play
- Crystallize the themes, ideas and characters at the heart of your story
- Work out what kind of response you want to provoke in your audience


This session’s extract is taken from England People Very Nice, a play by Richard Bean, which looks at four waves of immigration into London since the 17th Century. In the bar on the right, you can listen to actors perform a section from the play, or you can download the extract to read aloud yourselves. We have also added an extract and audio recording that you can access to the right of Protest Song by Tim Price. This monologue follows the character Danny. Homeless and sleeping on the steps of St Pauls, Danny finds himself drawn into the Occupy movement that took place between October 2011 and February 2012. At first Danny is furious with the invasion, but soon gets drawn in and helps out in the kitchen


Every writer works in a different way, and in this session’s film the playwrights discuss the many different approaches to writing, and how they fit their own work into their everyday lives.

The audio recording of England People Very Nice was performed by:
Philip McGinley Carlo/John/Patrick
Suzie Toase Ida/Anne/Kathleen
Fred Ridgeway Laurie
Trevor Laird Rennie
Claire Lams Mary

© Richard Bean 2009

This extract is reproduced by permission of United Agents ( on behalf of Richard Bean.

You can buy the play from

The audio recording of Protest Song was performed by
Hywel Morgan

Reproduced with permission from Bloomsbury Methuen Drama
© Tim Price. All rights reserved.

Starting to write

England People Very Nice by New Views

England People Very Nice by New Views

Protest Song by New Views

Protest Song by New Views